We are 🫧 Common Loons

Welcome to our gender-fluid suiting company! Our versatile suiting and accessories are perfect for everyday wear, adjusting to any occasion or style. We're not just about fashion - we're passionate about our impact on the environment and community. We collaborate and share information to create transparency and impact in fashion and entrepreneurship. Our goal is to create wardrobes full of bold staples that transcend seasons and style revamps, making getting dressed playful and comfortable.

Our Story

As a black queer womxn in business, Ricci faced a problem: Translating her essence into her wardrobe? Most suiting options were uninspired and traditional, not reflecting her vibrant, versatile identity. Worse, the fashion industry often reinforces heteronormative beliefs. She wanted transitional pieces that expressed who she was 365 days a year without harming the environment or her wallet. While building Common Loons, she felt the impact of the systems reinforcing the industry's problems, forming our mission:

About Loons

  • Appearance

    The striking black and white plumage of common loons helps them blend in and protect themselves from predators. Similarly, fashion is a form of protection; a way to stand out or fit in. At Common Loons, we believe that clothing should adapt to your personal style and occasion, while still making you feel confident and comfortable on every step of your pursuit.
  • Symbolism

    We're reclaiming the word "loon." Across varying Native American tribes, loons hold spiritual and cultural significance, symbolizing harmony, generosity, and peace. Believed to be divine messengers and Earth-Diver, loons dive to the ocean floor to bring up earth for the Creator to make land. Loons inspire us to thrive in new environments and establish a strong foundation in our communities.
  • Habitat

    Due to habitat loss and pollution common loons are a symbol of wilderness and environmental protection. They inspire us to be mindful of our impact on the environment. By choosing our eco-friendly fashion options, you can join us in protecting our natural resources and preserving them for future generations.
  • Lifestyle

    At Common Loons, we take inspiration from the gender-equal behavior of male and female loons. Just like these beautiful birds, we believe that fashion should be gender-fluid and adaptable to all styles and preferences. Our versatile designs allow you to express yourself and feel confident, regardless of traditional gender roles.

Meet Our Founder

Ricci is a multifaceted creative based in Los Angeles, CA. As a black lesbian woman, she acknowledges that presentation and identity aren't always synonymous and uses clothes to showcase the vastness of people.
With expertise in brand architecture, creative direction, and digital design, Ricci currently works as an Interactive Designer at Vans, creating integrated digital ecosystems and experiences for the infamous footwear brand.
Through Common Loons, she aims to create a space that celebrates diversity by challenging traditional design and marketing practices through clothes.
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